Tour of Amalfi coast

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Amalfi Coast Italy tour in Luxury Minivan

Extraordinary Classic Day

Our skilled and accommodating drivers, all of whom are native to this region of Italy and all of whom speak English will take you on an enchanting tour of some of the most beautiful and historically significant destinations in Italy.   The entire tour lasts approximately 7 – 8 hours and includes visits to Positano ,Amalfi, Ravello and the Emerald Grotto.
For those coming from a cruise ship, our guide will meet you right at your location, the Port of Naples.  We recommend an 8AM pick up time, but we are flexible.   For those staying in hotels, we will pick you up at your hotel and  recommend starting the tour at 9AM, but again, we are flexible and accommodate our guests’ individual needs.  The entire tour will last approximately 8 -9 hours.



We will visit the magical city of Positano which sits high upon the cliffs overlooking the Amalfi Coast and Mediterranean Sea.   Often called, the most beautiful place in all of Italy, we will take you to several of the most scenic locations all of which make for incredible photo opportunities.   Your tour will include a visit into the city center where you can stroll along the beach, enjoy the artesian shops


The Emerald Grotto

Discovered fairly recently by a fisherman in 1932, it is one of only a few caves in the world which is flooded by a beautiful emerald green light.  The grotto’s only opening to the outside world is just below the water level, which is why it remained a hidden gem for centuries.   The grotto’s beautiful seawater surrounds its impressive stalactites and stalagmites, making it one of the most beautiful caves in all of Italy.    The elevator to the  makes it easily accessible to all.


Many people mistakenly think of Amalfi as a region encompassing all of the towns that sit along the beautiful Amalfi Coast.   But, Amalfi is actually one of many individual towns in the region of Campania.   A very popular and bustling tourist destination, surrounded by breathtaking cliffs and coastal scenery, it has a long and rich history.
Amalfi was the capital of the first Italian Maritime Republic during the 9th century. And its medieval architecture was also regarded as among the best of its time.  The magnificent Saint Andrew’s Cathedral constructed in the 11th century overlooks Amalfi’s Piazza Duomo.  With its grand staircase, beautiful bronze door the cathedral is the main attraction of Amalfi.   The bronze statue of Saint Andrew, which sits inside the cathedral, was sculpted by Michelangelo.


Rich in both history and beauty, Ravello sits high upon the cliffs overlooking Amalfi and the Mediterranean Sea.  You will be treated to stunningly beautiful views of the sea, the magnificent gardens of Villa Rufolo and the breathtaking and famous Terrace of Infinity at Villa Cimbrone.  The villas dates back to the 13th and 11th centuries, respectively.   Some of your most treasured and beautiful vacation photos, will undoubtedly be from  Ravello.
The town, which is usually teaming with tourists from all over the world, is full of shops and restaurants. It’s a must see on any trip to the Amalfi Coast.
You’ll enjoy an authentic italian lunch during your visit.
Once the tour ends, we will drive you back to your starting point.
We promise you a day filled with beauty, history and memories to last a lifetime.